torsdag, august 03, 2006

LiftPort Group - this time in English

An Elevator that will go all the way out into space ? Yes why not ?
Liftport Group is a company who has thought about doing something about it. Take a special notice to the count down timer at the upper part of the page - what a commitment !

Whether Liftport is a real company or a smart way to lure investors to the company - only time will tell. However... they have accomplished to get mentioned on the Jay Leno Show - whatever that proves ;) One thing is for sure, if they accomplish it then it would be an enormous evolutionary leap for our entire planet!

Behold in mind that it cost a LOT (millions of dollars) to send just a few pounds of cargo into orbit using today´s technology. Using a space lift it will be possible to lower that price considerably - maybe down to as low as a 100 dollars ? This will open up for scientific research in a much larger scale and it may even be feasible for smaller or medium sized companies to start up some production under weightless conditions. At first it´ll probably be the production of special materials with new qualities and the production of medicine which will make use of being able to be produced in a weightless condition but other and till now unknown uses will surely emerge!
Ofcourse the tourist business will take part in the game! Why should a rich American couple settle with a cruise to Europe following the Norwegian cost line if it´s possible to go out into space on a 2 Month´s space cruise ?!

When one space lift has been established the next one could be built and installed for a only a small percentage of what the first cost in total expenses to research and manufacturing. There would be a lot of space lift placed all the way around the globe and why not connect them through a space station - a giant ring ? Sci-Fi writer Larry Niven has given the thought a try in his novel "Ringworld" and the advantages are many. Direct sunlight at the half of the ring at all times produces cheap energy. Add to this the opportunities for recreative activities taking place in weightless conditions, growing crops under good conditions, profitable living areas. A whole new world!

I´m waiting in excitement till the 12th of April 2018 - whether it will become reality or not ;)

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Brianmanden sagde ...

In this post I´ve tried to translate the post I did earlier about Liftport Group. I translated it because I got asked about an English version - so here it is. There still might be some spelling errors ?